NEW PRODUCTS in Store-Casting Resin.

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This store doesn't just supply our fabulous Chalk paint finish! I have just added lots of new products to our ever-expanding Crafting range 

All of our crafting products have been introduced with up cycling, creating and generally just things that make us crafters happy, in mind!

Today I want to talk about our new product that I am so excited about, called "Casting Resin" It is used to make decorations, embellishments, jewellery, xmas decorations, models etc. It dries White with a very hard durable plastic like finish.

It comes in 2 pots, Part A and Part B.

Mix Part A and Part B together in measuring jug by equal volume, I use a cheap one from the 2 dollar shop.

Pour this mixture into one of our fabulous Diy Decor Moulds. You have to work quickly as this is a quick set resin, it starts to harden in 2 minutes of pouring.

Casting resin
After only 15 mins the Resin creation can be removed from the mould cleanly, no release agent needs to be added to the mould prior to pouring whatsoever!
 It comes straight out and ready to paint with our Chalk paint, Metallics, Waxes etc. You can let your imagination run wild and make fabulous creative effects. What fun!
The beautiful embellishment below shows the colour of the finished product natural. 
Cast resin decoration
The Gold one in the photo below was painted over with our White Chalk Paint first, as this gives a lovely base undercoat to increase durability when painting with Metallics.
Then I top coated with our Ancient Coin Metallic paint
I would suggest you seal your creations with our Newtons Eco Varnish this is a clear coat which will protect the finish.
This is yet another fantastic crafting product, which is now offered at our Online store here. I really hope you enjoy using it as much as I do!
DIY made Easy® with Newton's.
Happy creating 


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