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Which wax to use over our Chalk Paint finish?

Hi Diy'ers

Two questions we get asked frequently.... 

Do I need to wax? What wax do I use?

If the project is going to be in high use like a table top, we suggest waxing. This will protect the chalk paint and also provide a lovely depth and subtle sheen to the chalk paint. However if it is the side of, say a book case or dresser and you wish to keep the unique chalk finish look, it is fine to leave it unsealed. 

What wax should I use?

We will list all our lovely waxes and give you a brief rundown on their features

These are our lovely Traditional and Premium NZ MADE, all natural & eco friendly waxes.They both dry clear, are easy to apply and give a lovely slight depth of colour to the chalk paint. As a bonus they can also be used for conditioning wood and leather, sealing terracotta, chopping boards, sand bowls etc.

Our lavender scented Beeswax polish is exclusively made for us and imported from Canada. The difference is to our NZ waxes. are it is emulsified with carnauba wax and a little mineral spirit. This makes it really work well. It dries with a lovely light clear sheen that can be built up and adds to the patina of your finish over time.

Our liquid Carnauba wax, brushes on and dries very quickly with a shiny "Golden Glow" finish, so in effect it gives the chalk paint a vintage aged look. With its hard finish it seals the chalk paint and gives great protection. The golden look is particularly noticeable on our light colours and therefore yellows the colour up.

Our awesome coloured Antiquing waxes add amazing effects to the chalk paint finish. This is where you can really get creative and make your piece look authentic. We suggest you use our clear beeswax prior to applying these waxes for your effects. This is because otherwise they will absorb in to the chalk paint finish and stain your colour and this may not be the effect you are wanting. Experimentation on a piece of chalk painted wood is good idea to ensure you are going to get the effect you are happy with.

Remember you can contact us anytime via the contact button, we love to be able to help and spread the word on our ever growing range of products!

Happy waxing


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New in store, Soft Wax Chalk Paint Polish


Soft chalk paint wax

Just landed from Canada is the latest addition to our Chalk paint wax range. Made from an old English family recipe from a beeswax producer who's been in business for 30+ years!

The differences to our lovely NZ beeswaxes are it is crafted with a tiny amount of deodorised minerals so it can't be classified as natural. However this makes it a bit more durable and it won't break down as quickly as our natural waxes.

It has the most gorgeous Lavender scent, combined with a soft buttery texture, which really makes it a pleasure to work with. It imparts a lovely soft sheen which can be built up by adding extra coats.

Apply with a soft lint free rag or sponge, leave 2-5 mins and buff off. Remember to apply gently to newly Chalk painted pieces, the paint takes up to 30 days to fully harden & cure, rubbing too hard may cause the paint to lift in patches.

It is great to use to seal and protect our Chalk Finish Paint and natural wood surfaces, adding patina and protection.

This clear Beeswax polish is also used in Museums for restoration and maintenance work on priceless pieces.

Available in 50g and 200g.

For further information on our range of waxes click on the link below:


"DIY made Easy".

Happy painting!


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Loving our Liquid Carnauba Wax!

Here's a lovely testimonial as to the awesomeness of this product. Buy our Carnauba Wax  HERE

Hi Alison,
Thanks for your fast postage of the wax. Managed to finish off my projects today yay and must say the Carnauba wax is brilliant! lovely finish and so easy to use and best of all a safe product! I searched high and low for a wax that I can use being pregnant (so many have some scary ingredients!) and it was great to find yours. The projects I have been doing are for my toddlers room so nice to know it' safe for her too.

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Newtons Liquid Carnauba Wax now online.


We are pleased to let you know we have added a unique Newton's Liquid Carnauba Wax to our online store range. This product differs from most waxes in that it is in liquid form. We find it very easy to use, while it still maintains the valued Carnauba properties of hardness and lustre.

We offer it in light and dark colouring. The light colour will add a richness and sheen, while the dark adds a vintage, aged depth of colour. The dark is our favourite for enhancing detailed, intricate embellishments on furniture. For any of you using this for the first time we suggest you coat the piece with light wax first and then apply the dark in small patches, buffing off as you go to ensure you control  the level of darkness you prefer.




This photo shows the effect you can create with just one coat of light wax (on the top drawer) directly over our chalk paint. We think it adds depth and patina and adds to the overall vintage appearance.

Try this product and you won't be disappointed! Among it's other attributes it is eco friendly, solvent free, packed in recyclable plastic and proudly made in NZ.

You can buy the Newton's Liquid Carnauba Wax here.

Happy Painting,



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