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EXCITING new products in store.


 We have some exciting NEW products we have sourced for you to take your up cycling and crafting projects to a whole new level!

 INewton's IOD transfers

                                                     IOD TRANSFERS.
Create lovely effects on your chalk paint furniture up cycles and craft projects that will truly amaze you.



CLICK below to view THE TRANSFER RANGE range




Create beautiful metallic effects on your projects with these metallic wax pastes. They are super easy to apply either use a brush, cloth or my preferred method a finger!






                                                   NEW STENCILS

                        CLICK BELOW to view NEW STENCILS

Such fun!

Please get in touch if you need to know anything about these fantastic new additions to our product range. This can be done by clicking on the contact button at our home page or you can call us at 09 4104289.

Happy creating



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New brushes in store.

 We have added to our premium accessory range, 2 new brushes  to compliment our popular short handled diagonal brush.

This is a long handled 2.5" (63mm) diagonal brush.

We find the longer handles ideal for reaching into tight corners and higher areas. 

Premium Oval 3" brush.

This is our premium Oval 3" (75mm) flat brush.

Because it is oval in shape it gives greater control and accuracy on the outside thinner edges while being able to hold more paint in the centre, which is thicker.

All our brushes have been tested and tried with our chalk paint and we have found these to be the best. They are also suitable for any standard acrylic paints.

Happy Painting

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Newton's Gift Vouchers for Xmas presents.

Hi there,

The countdown is on, only 7 weeks until Xmas.....aaargh.

We have gift vouchers available for purchase in our store. We are thinking there would be a lot of creators out there who would love to get some chalk paint as a gift and better still choose it themselves.

It's really easy to purchase a voucher.

Just go in to the online store, click on the voucher icon and choose the denomination amount, then go to checkout and pay.

You will be sent by email, a voucher with a unique code on it. 

You can then either on forward the gift voucher email directly to the recipient or print it off and pop it in a card to give to the recipient in person!

It's "stress free shopping"! You can do it from home, no battling with crowds or decisions and you can be confident your present will be appreciated and unique. 

Happy painting



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Test Pots now for sale in store!

These are up and ready to order at our online shop now.

Click HERE to see our gorgeous palette of colours available.

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