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It's about up cycling, saving money....and FUN!!

How to up cycle with a chair with chalk paint finish.
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NEW in Store: Newton's Whitewash Stain.


Continuing in our quest to bring the DIY'ers in NZ easy and fun solutions to up cycle home decor. We have introduced in our Colour for Home range... Newton's Whitewash Stain.

Not to be confused with our Chalk Fnish paint, this is a Stain which penetrates into sanded or natural timber. It can be used on indoor and outdoor surfaces on items like pergolas, outdoor furniture, plywood, weatherboards, floorboards and indoor furniture. In fact it can be used on any timber surface but it has to be unsealed/sanded to allow the stain to penetrate in and protect the wood.

 It does not need to be sealed after application, give the stain 72 hours to cure before subjecting to daily use.

This really is whitewashing made easy. Now we can all create the Coastal, Lime wash, Bach, Beach style looks for our homes.

Made proudly in NZ

DIY made easy!



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Up cycles catapulted to the next level with Newton's metallics


We have added delicious Metallic paints to our range! 

Copper, Rich Rose Gold, Gold and Silver.



These operate very much like our chalk paint, they adhere to most surfaces such as wood, plaster, wallboard, plastic, glass, fabric, metal etc. For extra durability we do recommend prior application of our Newton's Gripper & Sealer, particularly on smooth surfaces such as plastic and glass. The surface once dry looks just like precious metal. To further protect and give the metallic even more shine we like to apply the Gripper & Sealer as a top coat.

Some ideas for use:

Use to accent and highlight embellishments.

Transform your furniture perhaps by picking the drawers out or creating a shiny metallic top. 

Paint over your old decor objects such as frames, vases, ornaments.

Use to tidy up metal handles and knobs.

Use for modelling paint effects.

Paint a feature wall.

Transform your front door.

We hope you enjoy!



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