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Oval Painters Brush

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3 inch (75mm) flat, Oval brush.

As an alternative to our Italian brush range, we offer this larger flat brush. Some painters prefer the flat because it paints the same way no matter which direction you drag the paint brush. But it is not an ordinary flat brush; this flat brush is Oval in shape. The Oval brush is a marriage between a thin head brush and a thicker head brush because of its oval shape. It gives greater control and accuracy on the thinner edges of the brush and yet holds more paint in the center, which is thicker.

This is a fabulous high quality brush perfect for your larger paint projects. It is suitable for use with our Chalk Paint and Acrylic/water based paints on indoor and outdoor surfaces.


.100% Solid Round Tapered (SRT) polyester filaments
• Lasts up to 3x longer than natural bristle
• Flat brush head
• Stainless steel ferrule
• Solid hardwood handle

Made in China.

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