Castin Resin
Casting Resin for Moulds & Crafts.
Casting Resin for Moulds & Crafts.
Casting Resin for Moulds & Crafts.
Casting Resin for Moulds & Crafts.
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Casting Resin for Moulds & Crafts.

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Amazing QUICK SET Casting Resin. 2 Containers included: Part A & Part B.

2 Part System-Polyurethane Casting Resin with stirring stick for making decorative embellishments, models, jewellery.....the possibilities are endless.

Try using it with our DIY Decor Mould range see here

Using Casting resin is a great alternative to using Air dry clay. The main pro is that it is a lot stronger than clay, it dries as hard as plastic, so it won't crack or break easily.

Simply mix Part A with Part B in a measuring container exactly by volume.

IE 100ml to 100ml. 

Stir with the wooden stick supplied.

Pour into your mould. There is no need to put any sort of release agent into the mould, it releases easily when hard.

Try not to overfill the mould and ensure it is level as this will be the underside of your object and needs to be flat if you want to adhere it to surfaces. Any over spill can be tidied up and sanded or cut off need be when hardened.

Work quickly as the resin starts to harden in 2 minutes!

When the object is ready to remove from the mould (approximately 15 mins) it will have changed from Clear to White.

Now its ready for painting! You can use our Chalk finish paint as a base colour and then select from our lovely array of decorative effect products including coloured Waxes, Metallic paints, Sparkle Paints Here

DIY made Easy® with Newton's!



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