Stamperia Flexible mould- Amazonia
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Stamperia Flexible mould- Amazonia

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 Stamperia Soft Mould A4 - Amazonia

Make yourself a whole set of beautiful and detailed animals with this mould. Make Xmas decor, Gifts, Wall art, Ornaments, Soap.... the possibilities are endless. Pretty them up with our Chalk paint, Metallic paints and Metallic waxes for stunning results.

Maxi mould in flexible PVC

Stamperia Soft Mould A4 size for Scrapbooks, Cards, Crafting, Collage, Mixed Media & DIY Embellishments.
Flexible PVC mould for cold pouring. Air Dry Clay, Soap, Ceramic Powder, White Resin and for all products to be moulded by pressure or to be cold-cast.

Air dry clay Easy to use Instructions:

  • Dust mould tray with cornflower, babypowder or arrowroot first, this helps to release the clay. 
  • Press the clay into mould and level the top off with a sharp instrument.
  • Bend and flex tray to release mould either while still wet or when dry.
  • Glue to surface 
  • Paint with Chalk paint or the medium of your choice.
  • Try using our coloured waxes over the paint to create interesting effects.
Size A4


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