Art alchemy wax green brocade
opal magic green brocade
Art Alchemy Opal Majic Wax-Green Brocade
Newton's Paints Ltd.

Art Alchemy Opal Majic Wax-Green Brocade

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Gorgeous wax-based paste which gives you two great effects in one product!

Art Alchemy-Opal Magic Wax has a special opaque, yet permanent finish. It will give you color- filled, shiny results on dark surfaces; and delicate, pearled iridescence effects on lighter backgrounds. Both will turn your artwork into a real treasure! Great for applying with your fingers, brushes sponges, or soft cloths. –Perfect for adding color and finishing touches to mixed-media or home décor projects. Works on most popular surfaces and elements. Archival safe. Non- toxic.

For an easy tutorial how to use this product: View here


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