Soft Wax Chalk Paint Polish-Lavender scent.

Newton's Chalk Finish Paint


Soft wax for chalk paint

Soft wax for chalk paint and timber finishes. With Newton's Chalk Finish paint and wax accessories range, creating gorgeous up cycled furniture pieces does not require skills or hours of training. Up cycle store-bought pieces or op shop finds look to like they are from a French countryside cottage or from an European estate by using Newton's Chalk Finish paint and accessories.


NEWTON'S Clear Beeswax Polish.

Museum quality polish based on an old English family recipe.

Made mainly with Beeswax & a little Carnauba wax. Beautifully scented with Lavender oil.

This wax is fabulous! 

It has a soft clotted cream consistency making it easy to apply. It buffs up to a soft sheen which can be built up by reapplying the wax.

Apply sparingly, we suggest with our angled 1.5" brush (no need to use overpriced brushes), do not over wax, too much wax will leave a finished surface feeling tacky, rub off excess wax.

For use: Sealing with a lovely sheen  and giving depth to our Chalk Finish paint and natural wood surfaces.

Tip: Be gentle with your piece after application of paint and waxes as the paint and wax take up to 30 days to fully cure and harden.

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