Small bristle Brush-CLEARANCE PRICE.
Small bristle Brush-CLEARANCE PRICE.
Newton's chalk paint brush
Chalk paint brush with coastal blue paint
Wax application brush for chalk paint
Small bristle Brush-CLEARANCE PRICE.
Newton's Paints

Small bristle Brush-CLEARANCE PRICE.

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Small  1" (2.5cm) Wax/Chalk budget paint application brush 

Made of pure double boiled bristle hair.

 *Pure double boiled bristle.

*Solid wood body construction.

*Leather strap for easy cleaning.

*Can be used for chalk paint or wax.


Cleaning and care instructions:

Prior to first use condition the brush by washing gently in warm soapy water to remove any loose hairs.

Wash up immediately after use in warm water with a small amount of soap or detergent. Ensure you remove all the paint. Gently ease the bristles back into shape and hang by the strap to dry.

 These budget brushes are useful as a wax brush as well as a chalk paint brush for smaller projects. It conveniently fits into our 50g wax pots. This is quick way to apply our waxes and saves your good brushes for your Chalk painting projects.
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