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Italian Chip Brush

Italian Chip Brush

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Professionale Oval Chalk paint brushes.

Founded in 1951 by Ennio Salassi, Pennelli Cervus has been producing paint brushes and rollers in Northern Italy for more than 65 years.

3 generations of the Salassi family have continued to develop their business with passion and dedication.

Designed by Penelli Cervus, Italy exclusively for Newtons Chalk paints.

This is a great little general purpose, quality brush for any type of paint including Enamel, Varnishes, Wall Paints and Chalk paint.

They are crafted with a mix of specially selected synthetic fibres. This means durability, longevity with reduced chances of breakage of filaments. 

We bring you classic Italian style at honest and affordable prices as we believe brushes do make a difference in your painting. Treated well this beautiful brush will last you for many years.

These brushes are the classic Ovaloid shape. Designed to hold more paint and maintain precision with Chalk paints and Water based paints

Brush Care:

Wash up in luke warm water immediately after use with natural (no Chemical) Brush soap. Rub the Brush over the soap and gently massage in to the bristles. Rinse until clean. Gently squeeze out any excess moisture with a towel and reshape the brush head.

Size 12. 20.5 mm wide. 44mm Long.


Made in Italy.

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