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Das Gold Leaf Adhesive

Das Gold Leaf Adhesive

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Das Gold Leaf size.

The surface to be metal leafed should be clean, free from dirt, dust or wax and sealed properly.

Apply a thin coat of gold leaf size to the surface to be leafed.

Let adhesive set until tacky usually about 15 mins, before applying metal leaf. Remains tacky for several hours and up to several days in humid environments.

You can also apply foils, glitter, mica powders, chalk pastel dust etc. while wet if detail precision is not required.

TIP: Applying leaf is very easy using wax paper. Cut pieces of wax paper slightly larger than the leaf. Lay one piece of paper over one piece of leaf while it is still in the book."Iron" over the was paper with your hand and the leaf will stick to the paper. Then gently lay the leaf onto the adhesive surface.

Ideal for non-porous surfaces like picture frames, polymer clay and hard objects. This is a very thin liquid, which means it can absorb into the fibers of very absorbant papers like watercolor paper. That is not ideal, as it needs to sit on top of the surface to remain tacky (there is a thick formula version for that use). You may be able to use it best on paper if the paper is sealed first, such as clear acrylic medium, or by doing multiple layers of adhesive. Works with most semi-absorbant surfaces such as canvas or leather. However, it is made for non-porous surfaces where the thin glue can sit on the surface allowing for gilding fine details (like designs carved into a picture frame or a sculpture).


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