Efex Dainty drop leaf long D26
Newton's Chalk Finish Paint

Efex Dainty drop leaf long D26

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 This would lovely around a frame, draped down the sides of a chest of drawers, as part of an ornate grouping of moulds, as a joiner to other moulds the possibilities are endless!

Efex are bendable latex mouldings that mirror historic wood carvings. You can add Efex to furniture you are upcycling or almost any other object you are beautifying in your home.

The flexible latex can easily wrap around curved surfaces.

Simply glue your moulding in place with contact adhesive.

Efex can be applied to wood, plaster, metal, terracotta and glass.Use them on furniture, walls, doors or mirrors- or to create unique picture frames or boxes.They can be chalk painted, stained, gilded with metallic paint and waxed.

  • Height 290mm
  • Width 10mm
  • Lightweight for quick and easy installation
  • Ready for paint and faux finish
  • Modeled after original historical patterns and designs
  • Made In New Zealand

Handmade in NZ.  

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