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Newton's Chalk Finish Paint

Efex Scroll large Fleur de lis P6n

Efex Scroll large Fleur de lis P6n

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This is a real feature piece. It would look fabulous at the top of a wardrobe in the middle above the doors to give them some French flair.

Click HERE to read how the look in the pictures was created. 

Efex are bendable latex mouldings that mirror historic wood carvings. You can add Efex to furniture you are upcycling or almost any other object you are beautifying in your home.

The flexible latex can easily wrap around curved surfaces.

Simply glue your moulding in place with contact adhesive. See our other l.istings

Efex can be applied to wood, plaster, metal, terracotta and glass.Use them on furniture, walls, doors or mirrors- or to create unique picture frames or boxes.They can be chalk painted, stained, gilded with metallic paint and waxed.


Handmade in NZ.  

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