Clear Gloss Sealer for chalk paint and metallic
 Clear Gloss Sealer 2 in 1 for chalk paint and metallic
Newton's Paints

Chalk paint & Metallics -Clear Gloss Sealer 2 in 1.

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This is a highly versatile product to have in the DIY kit.

1-For preparing/priming surfaces for Metallic finishing, particularly to give the Metallics extra adhesion on smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic and metals.

2-It doubles up as a hard and durable, clear gloss sealer for both Newton's Metallic finishes and Newton's Chalk Finish Paint.( this is an alternative to our Bees waxes, it dries hard and protects the chalk paint with a CLEAR gloss finish.

As it is liquid, it can be brushed on or rolled on to the finish.

Water based.