Chalk paint brush with chalk paint on.
Newton's chalk paint brush front view
Chalk paint brush with coastal blue paint
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CLEARANCE- Budget Brush.

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Large 2" (5cm) Chip brush/Chalk paint brush. 
These brushes are a bargain! The reason we are specialing them is because they have NOT passed our quality control standard, in that the odd bristle comes out. They are a handy brush to have in your Chalk painting kit to use as a Chip brush for things such as applying our SeaWash®, saving your good brushes for the better finishes.

Made of pure double boiled bristle hair, these are brushes designed for painting with chalk paint, they also double up as wax application brush. Boars bristle brushes are strong and offer plenty of resistance without going overboard. They hold a lot more chalk paint than standard synthetic brushes and are easy to work with to achieve texture in your finish. You will find with these brushes that you can load them with lots of paint so you don't have to dip into your paint as often, making your job even quicker! They are oval in shape with a metal ferrule and ideally suited to work with Chalk paints.

*Pure boiled bristle.
*Solid wood body construction.
*Leather strap for easy cleaning.
*Can be used for chalk paint or wax.


Cleaning and care instructions:

Prior to first use we suggest you condition the brush by gently washing in warm soapy water and removing any loose hairs.

Wash up immediately after use in warm water with a small amount of soap or detergent. Ensure you remove all the paint. Gently ease the bristles back into shape and hang by the strap to dry.

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