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NEW: MALIBU Mineral Paint. Select a colour.

NEW: MALIBU Mineral Paint. Select a colour.

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Malibu Mineral Paint

MALIBU MINERAL PAINT is a revolutionary, self sealing, water based Furniture and Cabinetry paint. Crafted for outstanding adhesion and durability, using the finest of materials available, including the all new “inbuilt Sealing technology” that enables protective sealants to float to the surface when the paint is dry giving the surface a smooth, silken lustre & hard wearing finish. NO waxing needed!

Use it to transform and revive furniture, cabinetry and home decor. Suitable for use Indoors & Outdoors.

Good Prep=Great results!

Preparation: Remove any loose paint with sand paper or a wire brush. For glass, shiny and porous surfaces we suggest a ‘scuff sand” to give extra grip and adhesion for the paint. Fill any holes, dents and scratches with wood filler.

Remove any Wax with a solvent and wash over again with clean soapy water to remove all residues.

Priming: MALIBU Primer & Stain Block. Recommended for priming treated & dark wood surfaces, melamine, lacquer & bare metal. Useful as a base coat when painting with our lighter Malibu Mineral Paint colours to enhance coverage. Use as an effective tannin bleed through blocker. Allow 2 hours dry time.

Stir thoroughly.Apply with one of our Italian painters brushes or our mini roller for a uniform finish. Use light even strokes to ensure a smooth finish.Do not over paint the surface and go back on drying paint. Optional: sand lightly between coats to smoothen overall finish. Up to 10% water may be added to thin the paint, in hot, dry conditions. Dries to touch in 30 mins. Re coat after 2 to 4 hours.

Apply as many coats needed to get your desired finish.

Distressing: Lightly sand using fine grit 180g + sandpaper on the edges and places where the piece would normally get bumped and worn over time.

Clean up: Wash up in soapy water.

Coverage up to 8 SQM per 500ml. Use only when temp is between 10 & 32 deg Celsius.

Eco crafted: Using renewable oils, no added solvents, no lead, ammonia free, low VOC & low odour, low carbon footprint.

You are supporting local products: 100% NZ MADE.

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