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Newton's Epoxy Varnish is a water based, 2 pot epoxy paint.

Earth Friendly and Made in NZ.

PLEASE NOTE: When used over our lighter colours in the Chalk paint range, the varnish imparts a slight yellowish tint, if this is not your requirement we recommend our clear waxes or Chalk paint varnish to finish your Chalk paint projects.

Recommended for use on interior surfaces (painted or natural wood) such as over our Chalk Finish paint®, Acrylic paints, furniture, cabinets and floor surfaces.

When used over our Chalk Finish Paint® it will seal the paint and give the finish a high gloss shine. This is particularly useful on kitchen/bathroom cabinets, table  tops or anywhere you want extra protection with a gloss finish.

Example: Newtons"s Epoxy varnish over Byron Teal chalk paint.   


Easy to use: just mix 1 part of the small B tin to 3 parts of the big A Tin or you can simply pour all of the small tin into the big tin and you are ready to go.

Dries clear.

For a video demonstrating on how to use this product over chalk paint click on the link below:

* 2-pack epoxy-easy to use.


* High water and chemical resistance

* Washes up in warm soapy water



Approx. 6m2/L


Ideal for brush, roller and/or spray application. Very similar to to the solvent counterpart with the exception that equipment is cleaned using water. Warm soapy water is recommended for best results.