4 Chalk Painting tips for Beginners.

4 Chalk Painting tips for Beginners.



You are going to save a whole lot of money while you are having fun saving it! It's almost too good to be true. My life mission is teaching and nuturing any and everyone and making them realise how easy and fun it is to decorate their homes affordably.



You don't have to be a 'painter" many of my customers have never picked up a paint brush in their lives! Inevitably they get the "Chalk paint bug" and turn out to be huge fans of our Paints and doing  DIY projects. It really is easy and our Chalk Finish paint which is aptly named the DIY dream paint® makes it that way. 



No stripping, sanding, masking or priming needed. It doesn't get any easier.

You don't have to be a careful painter. You can literally just brush the paint straight on to most surfaces, even if they are varnished and waxed!

Painting haphazardly, and making brush marks in any direction will give you a textured, shabby chic finish. This will mean when you apply finishing waxes (especially our Antiquing wax) that it will settle into the textured surface of the paint, creating an authentic vintage, rustic look. Or if you want a smooth, new looking finish, you can easily apply the Chalk paint with a paint roller on to the flat surfaces. You can also further smooth the paint out by giving it a light sand between coats with fine 120 grit plus Sand paper.



We, being a Low Carbon Footprint, NZ owned and operated company, with no middlemen clipping the ticket, can offer our products at the best prices in NZ. You can save a lot of hard earned money painting Grannies drawers set, instead of going to chain stores and buying soulless, multi produced store furniture.



 OK, so it's not only about saving money though, you will also find it rewarding mentally and creatively. Many of our customers have used Chalk painting to get through hard times and find it so satisfying and therapeutic. Try picking up a brush & closing everything out except for your creative thoughts. It's so calming and satisfying!

More top tips for Chalk paint and DIY success coming soon.

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Happy painting



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