Where is Newtons Paints Ltd operations based?

Our residential, working Studio/Store is based at 3a Rahopara Street, Castor Bay Auckland, N.Z. 

We operate mainly by appointments 

Phone 09 4104289 or

Email: sales@newtonspaints.co.nz 


I am new to Chalk painting can you help me?

Yes that is 100% guaranteed!!  I (Ali) am passionate about teaching and encouraging people to unleash their creativity with our Chalk paint and other beautiful products. It is such a wonderful pastime, it has got be shared. You can contact me for help by phoning 09 4104289 or emailing sales@newtonspaints.co.nz

How do I use Newton's Antiquing Wax?

It's very easy to use, please check out our video tutorial below:


Apply it very thinly. A little goes a long way.  Apply with a Brush, lint free rag  or a pad made from tightly-woven cotton cloth, such as an old bed sheet. Leave it to dry for about five minutes, (this time will depend on the air temperature and the relative humidity.) It will take longer to dry when the air is cool and damp. Then buff it lightly to a shine with a dry cotton pad.

How do I use Newton's Whitewash Stain®?

Check out our up cycle using Newton's Whitewash Stain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OM0FgpQner8


Can the Chalk paint finish be thinned down with water?

Yes it can. Our labels state's thinning is not recommended as per the manufacturers advice, this is advised to protect our product as we are unable to monitor the quantity of water added which may compromise the qualities of our paint. However many of our customers do add water to slightly thin the paint and even use it as a wash!

Is your product SeaWash® similar to Saltwash?

Yes it a similar product to our SeaWash®. SeaWash® is designed and lovingly  crafted in NZ exclusively for Newton's.


Is your Chalk finish paint the same as blackboard paint?

It has many of the same qualities as blackboard paint but it has been specifically formulated to work as a premium furniture paint. However, because the paint has a chalky matt finish it can be drawn on with chalk.


Can I buy a gift voucher from your store as a gift for someone else?

Yes it is very easy. Go to the products page in our store and click on the Gift Voucher icon, you can then select what denomination you would like to purchase. On completing your purchase you will receive your gift voucher by email with a code to be input at checkout. This voucher is now ready to be printed off and gifted to the recipient or you can do it the electronic way and simply forward the gift certificate email on to the receiver of the voucher.


Is your  product Newton's Soft wax Polish scented with lavender waterproof?

No. But it does offer some water-resistance. It is easy to re-apply if need be.


I have retail store and would like to know if you would let me sell your paint?

Apologies we are not, at this time taking on any retailers.


How do I go about painting with Newtons Chalk Finish paint?

We have uploaded an instructional video which you can click onto below: 

Do you have a place where I can view your colours?

Yes we do! We are based in Auckland on the North Shore. To arrange a viewing time please send us an email to sales@newtonspaints.co.nz, and we will find a time that best suits you.

Should I sand or prime before applying Newtons Chalk Finish Paint? 

This is not necessary, this product will adhere to most surfaces inside and out! The odd time that you have a particularly damaged piece, we suggest removing dirt and grime, with soapy water and of course, remove any flaking paint.

What surfaces are suitable to paint with Newtons Chalk Finish Paint?

Wow, where do we start? Wood, plastic, glass, walls (great for a textured look), frames, fireplace surrounds, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, fabrics i.e.cushions, chairs, lampshades, pot plant holders, candlesticks, one of our staff members even painted carpet!

Do I need special brushes?

We have sourced and supply a very reasonably priced range of Italian Professional Chalk paint and Wax application brushes as well as a range of synthetic brushes.

 Do I need to protect the paint finish?

Yes it is recommended, as Chalk finish paint is slightly porous. Waxing will give the finish a lovely soft sheen, while giving extra protection to the finish.

The products we have for a clear finish:

*Lavender Wax polish for a lovely smelling more heavy duty wax which is blended with Carnauba and a tiny amount of mineral spirit which really helps to give the wax a strong water resistant finish with a gorgeous soft sheen.

*Newton's Varnish Sealer-Made in NZ,  a clear water based eco Varnish which dries hard with a Satin sheen . This is good for extra protection on high use pieces and can be applied with a brush or roller for a smooth finish.

To really top your pieces off we have coloured Antiquing waxes in Dark Brown, Black & White. The pieces can also be sealed with polyurethane type finishing products.


Can I paint over a piece that I have already chalk painted and waxed.

Absolutely yes. Just repaint straight over and reseal.


How does your online ordering process and shipping work? 

Our systems will ensure prompt dispatch of your order. – in most instances, this will be achieved on the same day (up until 1pm) that you place and pay for your selected goods. In the event that we are unable to achieve same day despatch, we undertake to have your order on its way to you on the next normal working day. If there is any despatch delay on any one day due to unforeseen circumstances we will advise via a pop up on our website so you will know prior to ordering. Once your goods are despatched delivery usually takes 2 to 3 business days in most cases. We aim to get your goods out to you as quickly as possible as we fully appreciate how excited and keen you are to get DIY'ing with our products.

 What is the difference between your Acrylic "Colours for Home Range" and Newton's Chalk Finish Paint.

Our Colours for Home range is different paint to our Chalk paint. There is a water based premium Acrylic Wall paint for painting Walls both indoors and out, with a primer built in! Sanding is recommended to smooth the surface and give extra adhesion to the paint.

TIP: We have found that it works beautifully as a self sealing furniture paint too. We like to coat the piece first with white chalk paint then paint over with one of our 12 colours in the CFH range.Yet another option for your up cycling projects!

Under our Colour for Home® range we also provide Wood Stains for floors, walls, pallets, outdoor and indoor furniture. This range includes our famous Whitewash Stain!


Do you run workshops?

Yes we do from time to time. Please contact Ali through the contact button to register. We love to help and spread the word on our amazing products.

You can contact us via email at sales@newtonspaints.co.nz.


"DIY made EASY®"with Newton's.