Chalk Finish Paint Technical Information

Physical Properties: 


Resin Type: W/R Modified Alkyd Dispersion

Solvent: Water

Colours: Full range available online

Finish: Flat (can be waxed, coated)

Drying Time: 30 minutes at 30 degrees celsius

Recoat Time: 2 hours at 25 degrees celsius

Dry Film Thickness: As Applied for effect

No. Of Coats: 1-2 coats depending on effect required

Theoretical Coverage: 4-9 metres squared per coat (depending on porosity and texture)

 Cleaning up: Warm soapy water

Thinning and Cleaning: Not Recommended

Limitations: Do no apply in temperatures below 10 degrees celsius or above 35 degrees celsius


Application: Needs to be mixed well by stirring during use. A short nap pre-wet roller or good quality brush is recommended for application. Avoid excessive brushing or rolling over paint that has been applied more than 3 minutes previously. Preparation is key to any good paint finish.