Chalk paint finish techniques-Colourwashing

Chalk paint finish techniques-Colourwashing

Welcome to our tutorial....

colour washing

When we have customers in our studio we often go over various ideas for using our products and one of our most asked for and easy effects is colour washing.

Colour washing or layering is an easy way to give your furniture pieces some added depth, dimension and interest!

Using our simple techniques you can get awesome results.

The main thing to remember when creating with our products, is that we all have different styles and ideas, just do it to your taste and be proud of it.

This is how to create this look:

The Kit

-Newton's Aged White Chalk Finish Paint.

-Newton's Linen Chalk Finish Paint.(a Test pot will be ample)

-Newton's stubby 2" angled brush.

-Soft cloths and paper towels.

_Bowl to mix the Wash in and spare water.

-Newton's Traditional Beeswax.

-Newton's Antiquing wax.


before painting

*Clean the entire piece using soap and water.

*Paint straight on over 2 coats of Aged White allowing at least an hour dry time between coats.

*Mix up the wash in a bowl using our Linen Chalk Finish, by adding 1 part Chalk paint to 1 part water.


*Brush on and leave for a few moments and wipe off gently with a damp cloth. You can leave patches of the colour on or wipe back to just the barest hint of colour.

The wash can be applied in patches over the table and blended in when rubbing off. The main thing is to not let the wash dry before rubbing off.  

Remember don't rub to hard on the paint as it does not fully cure/harden for up to 3 weeks. 

NB: We applied the wash straight after the second coat of Aged White was dry and purposely rubbed a bit harder on the edges as we wanted a slightly aged, distressed look.

*Apply a coat of our clear wax all over the piece by either sponging, using a cloth or brush. Leave for a few minutes and buff off.

 If you would like to build the wax up for extra durability leave it for 24 hours and add another coat.

*To enhance the detail on the edge of the table we used a small artists brush to apply our Antiquing wax and buffed it off before it dried. It sunk into the grooves and made the details pop out while giving the slightly aged dirty look.


That's it, job done and what fun it was!

DIY made Easy® with Newton's.

Happy painting.












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