Chalk paint versus Mineral Paint Which is best?

Chalk Paint versus Mineral Paint

                               Comparing Chalk Paint with Mineral Paint.

Chalk Paint versus Mineral Paint

The popularity of our Newton's Chalk Finish Paint® has increased immensely from when we first launched our Newton's brand back in 2014.


But we noticed a gap in the market for a furniture & cabinetry paint that self seals and can be used outdoors. So after many months of trialling and developing the perfect product, we now have that paint!-MALIBU Mineral Paint™.


Chalk Paint VS Mineral Paint




In most cases there is no preparation needed before application, other than a clean to get rid of any grime.

This is an advantage, especially when painting a larger hard to move piece like a hutch dresser or wardrobe. It doesn't need to be sanded so you can just paint it where it is without the mess of sanding and dust.

The finish of Chalk paint is a beautiful French style, matt, chalky effect which is slightly porous. So it is highly suggested that you seal the Chalk paint to give it better wear and protect it from marking and water damage. This is done with our beautiful Waxes or NZ eco Varnish/Sealer. It's all part of the wonderful creative  process of up cycling with Chalk Paint


Great preparation=Great results with Mineral Paint 

We suggest at least scuff sanding the surface before application of Malibu Primer (if using) and Mineral Paint. Priming the piece first gives a better finish if painting over shiny or varnished surfaces.

We also recommend using our Primer to give the paint:

  • Extra adherence.
  • Better coverage especially with our lighter colours.
  • Resistance to bleed through of any tannins in the wood.

Once your prep is done, you can paint on the number of coats you need to get the finish you are after.

The big difference at the end of the project is that Mineral Paint is self sealing, therefore there is no need for Waxing or Varnishing!

Because it is self sealing it can be used on Indoor and Outdoor decor.

Both our Mineral Paint and Chalk Finish Paint have benefits and either are ideal products to use for your home decor painting projects. It comes down to whether or not you wish to commit to preparation and like the silky sheen finish Mineral Paint gives or having no preparation but having to apply a wax or varnish sealer to the Matt finish of Chalk Paint.

Please contact me if you need any further help or guidance with the use of our products.

Happy painting!

Ali Newton




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