Newtons Traditional Beeswax sealer for Chalk Paint

Does Chalk Paint need to be sealed?

To "seal or not to seal" that is a question, which I get asked often.

Chalk paint is slightly porous. An example of this is, if you place a piece of Chalk in to coloured water you will notice it absorbs the water up. 

Over time, if our Chalk paint is left unsealed it will absorb up any liquid spills etc and the finish will be weakened. So I always suggest that Table tops, and all high use surfaces are at the very least sealed. If you don't wish to seal places like legs and sides of cabinets, they can be left natural.

NB: Black Chalk Paint and our Darker colours should always be sealed, because if they are scratched, it goes a bit lighter (like when a chalkboard is smeared) and therefore makes the scratch more obvious. Sealing the Chalk paint will prevent this.

We have 3 core products for sealing Chalk Paint.

Newton's Traditional Beeswax

This is a 'Made in NZ' Natural eco wax. It can be applied with a sponge (supplied) brush or lint free rag. The product is made form Manuka/Clover beeswax blended with Jojoba and Vegetable oils. Because it is emulsified with oils (not chemicals) it takes longer to dry and ultimately may not dry quite as hard as those wax products infused with chemicals.You may also need to go through the lovely process and reapply it in time, as being a natural product without synthetic chemicals it will wear accordingly.

It is a fabulous, natural product to use on Chalk paint especially if you like to go the eco way! It also has other uses like sealing natural wood, leather conditioning and sealing terracotta and earthenware pots. 

Newton's Lavender Beeswax Polish

This is a lovely lavender scented, easy apply paste which is exclusively produced for Newton's by Clapham's beeswax in Canada.

This product has the smallest amount of mineral spirit added. This allows the Beeswax to dry quicker (2-5 mins) and harder leaving a soft sheen whilst enhancing the lovely finish and look that Chalk paint gives.

Newton's Eco Varnish 

Made in NZ, low carbon footprint Varnish.This water based Varnish is the most hard wearing of all the finishes we provide and is perfect for sealing areas such as Children's furniture, Table tops, Desk tops, Coffee tables-anywhere that is going to be in high use. It dries with a Satin sheen and can be applied with a brush or roller.

Here's a link to our waxes at our website:

Newtons Waxes and Sealers

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