Fabulous NEW products for your projects.

New in store: Lots of crafty bits and pieces to enhance your Chalk paint projects, craft projects and home decor.
We have a selection of stunning transferable images. They are very easy to apply, you just tape the image onto your surface and rub over with a stick or credit card  or such like until the image has transferred. The beautiful drawers in the photo above were created by this image transfer method.
Link to products here
Just like the stamps you used when you were kids. Apply the medium of your choice such as ink, chalk paint, metallic paint etc and press on to the surface. Too easy!
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re design  mould royalty
Make your own beautiful shapes easily with Air dry clay, resin or clay. Apply them to your furniture and craft projects. Paint them with Chalk paint, make colourful effects with our coloured waxes.
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All these products are endless fun to use and have been sourced with up cycling your furniture in mind. If you have any questions as to the use of these products please get in touch with me anytime.
I love to be able to help you get the best out of our fantastic products.
Happy painting.
Ali Newton

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