Before and after chalk paint buffet

How to create an aged look on furniture with our Chalk finish paint.

When painting with Chalk paint there are endless options to create a lovely creative finish which you and all your friends and family are going to be amazed by. We guarantee it!

As an option to coating your creations with a flat finish (2 or so coats of chalk paint brushed on) or distressed look (sanded back in patches and on the edges) we have a tutorial on "colour washing" which adds amazing dimension and depth to the chalk paint finish. It will instantly and easily give that authentic, aged rustic look.






 To create this look and transform this tired buffet unit, we first painted straight over the cleaned surface with 2 coats of our Aged White Chalk finish paint, this colour is essentially a lovely cream.






 Next make up a small amount of a "wash" We used     a test pot watered down to roughly half water half chalk paint. We like to use a darker hue to the base coat colour as it enhances the aged look. We used our Sage Green for this project.

 Brush the wash on to the surface in small patches at a time over the whole project. This is best to ensure the paint does not dry out before you have had a chance to rub the wash back.        


  Immediately after brushing the wash on and while it is still wet, start to rub it off lightly with a damp cloth, leaving patches here and there, especially on the edges and in the details, until it looks pleasing to your eye. Some of the paint will catch in the grooves and furrows of your piece adding to the rustic overall look.


 You can choose if you want to do the distressed look as well, at this stage, by simply rubbing harder in spots which will remove the chalk paint in patches to give a chipped, shabby chic look.

TIP: If you don't want the distressed look be gentle while rubbing back the wash and waxes as the paint can take up to 3 weeks to fully cure and properly harden.

                                                                                                   Next apply our clear Lavender Beeswax Polish or Traditional NZ Beeswax over the whole piece with a brush or soft cloth. Allow it to absorb for 2 to 5 mins then gently buff off and smooth out any residual wax with a lint free cloth.

To finish we brushed our Patina wax on to the corners and edges of the piece and lightly rubbed it back just leaving some of the Patina colour left behind.








chalk paint cabinet

 That's all there is to it! It really is too easy to get this painted yesteryear, vintage  look.

Happy painting


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