How to up cycle a Candlestick with Chalk paint.

How to up cycle a Candlestick with Chalk paint.

Not only is our chalk finish paint great for up cycling furniture, it is also fantastic for reviving home decor items such as frames, pot plant holders, ornaments and candlesticks - the possibilities are endless.

Here's a step by step on how I transformed this candlestick from drab to fab.

1. I decided to enhance this piece using some of the latex rubber Efex mouldings we feature in our online store. Glue on the Efex mouldings of your choice, using Gorilla H2 adhesive (we sell this in our online store) These can be cut and moulded to curves and angles. I chose trim T31, T9 and Scroll Sc9. 

2. Paint straight over the whole piece with a coat of our White Chalk paint

3. After about 30 mins apply a coat of Powder blue leaving the rubber Efex mouldings white. I used a little artists brush which made it easy to cut in around the white mouldings.


It actually looked quite lovely at his stage, a lot like the old Wedgwood china style, but I wanted a timeworn look for this piece.


 4. Apply a "colour wash" of  (watered down approx. 3/4 Chalk paint to 1/4 water) Cocoa chalk paint over the whole stick and rub off with a damp rag gently, while still wet. Some of the wash will absorb into the Powder blue chalk paint and the grooves. While rubbing the wash off you may like to rub a bit harder and reveal some of the white bottom coat and even the wood underneath.





5. Finish with brushing on a light coat of Newton's Whitewash wax, and a buff off with a lint free rag after 2 to 5 mins. If you like the patchy White wash look, you can even start to buff off straight away, until you get the effect that looks good to you!

I alway say when teaching, it is like creating art, I very rarely get it looking right, first off, to my eye. I often go back to a project, titivate it up and even sometimes completely change the colour, until I am happy with it.

This is the main thing I have learned, don't worry about what other people may think about your creation, we all have unique styles and taste, just do and make what makes YOU happy....that is what creativity is all about!




That's all there is to it!
 Please get in touch for any further advice.
Happy Painting





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