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How to use our Chalk paint finish tips.

With the holidays coming we are hoping to get time to get creative and catch up on lots of Up cycling & DIY projects.

 Here's some basic tips on using our Chalk Finish paint®.

-Newton's Chalk Finish Paint® will paint STRAIGHT over most surfaces including previously varnished, painted and waxed surfaces. It will paint on plastic, glass, fabric as well as all types of woods and finishes!

-The only preparation you need to do is ensure the surface you are painting is clean.

 - IE: NO sanding, priming or undercoats are needed prior to painting with our Chalk Finish Paint®

-Chalk finish paint® can be applied with a brush, roller or you can even rag it on for interesting effects.

-If you want to soften a colour you can add White or Aged White to any of our colours.You can also mix our colours together to come up with your own unique colour.

-Newton's range of waxes have been designed to work with our Chalk paint finish. These are the "crowning glory" on your chalk paint projects. They give the finish a lovely light sheen and patina which will be enhanced over time. The lovely effects that can be created are unique to Chalk paint.

Check out our blog for a run down on our waxes.

-Be gentle with the project after painting, as it can take up to a month for the paint to fully cure and harden.

-If you would like to do the distressed look use sand paper and sand back lightly on the edges and areas that it would normally get knocked over time. This can be done before or after waxing.

-Our Chalk Finish paint is so forgiving, if you take too much paint off you can just touch it up with more paint or paint over the whole thing, wax and all and start again.

DIY made Easy®!

Happy up cycling.








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