It's about up cycling, saving money....and FUN!!

We all have furniture that is outdated, been handed down in the family, coffee cup ringed, chipped and generally past the used by date. 
This is where our Chalk paint finish comes in!
This old plastic chair was seriously off to the tip but we don't do that wherever possible. So it was straight on with Newton's Chalk paint finish in Byron Teal (after a quick clean up of the surface)
As it is a high use piece we sealed it with our awesome Newton's Epoxy Varnish.
This sealed the Chalk paint finish and gave the finish a high gloss & super hard, durable finish.
This product is our alternative to our waxes for use on furniture, kitchen & bathroom cabinets, floors any place where you think the finish is going to need extra protection or you just want a high gloss shine on your masterpiece.
You can view our video tutorial on this up cycle here
Happy Diy'ing and we wish you a happy, healthy and productive New year.

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