SeaWash® Vintage texture powder.

We are so excited to be the NZ distributors of a brand new product, produced exclusively for Newtons Paints Ltd.
SeaWash® is an eco mineral powder additive for paint. This will enable you to create the textured, vintage, weatherworn look on your painting projects easily.
This candlestick was created by:
1. Mixing Seawash™ into our Byron Teal Chalk paint until the consistency was like thick batter and peaks form.
2. The mixture was then dabbed and globbed on randomly with a brush.
3. Let it dry and pick a contrasting colour for the topcoat, we used our Newton's CFH Wall paint-Opal Surf.
4. When the top coat is dry sand back with sandpaper and the bottom coat colour will appear perfectly through.
That is all there is to it!
I have done an informative video tutorial on how I created this nautical sign using  the Seawash™ method
Seawash™ really makes it too easy to get that weather worn, vintage, layered, coastal vibe on your furniture and craft projects.
The skies the limit when it comes to choosing your colours to use, anything goes! Just remember that the topcoat will be the main colour you see.
Seawash is yet another fantastic easy method for decorative furniture finishing and just having fun!
Crafted and Made in NZ.
Happy Creating

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