Chalk paint tips & another new colour. Aqua.

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Meet Aqua Chalk paint! 
This dreamy nautical turquoise tinged Chalk paint colour with a hint of ocean green is sure to give your furniture a new lease of life and I guarantee, it will be much admired by all.
With summer coming up here in NZ it's the perfect time to do a bit of spring painting.
It's an exciting addition to our ever expanding range of Nautical colours.
Colours listed from the top:
Turquoise, St Ives Teal, Coastal Blue, Regal Blue, Byron Teal, Midnight Navy, Amalfi Blue, Aqua.
Before you go, I thought I would share a few tips based on the most often asked questions on painting furniture with our Chalk paint.
For fantastic inspiration such as colour choice and finishes for your projects check out Pinterest, it is easy to navigate, simply put in a search such as "Aqua chalk painted sideboards" and a whole world of inspiration will open up to you.
Heres a link to our page on Pinterest From there you can look over our pins and do searches in the search panel at the top of the page.
Ensure the surface you are painting over is clean.
Then you can simply dip into our tins of deliciousness and start painting.
If you want to, you can give the surface a light sand prior to application of the Chalk paint, this will smooth out imperfections and give the paint more "grip"
You will usually need 2 to 3 coats depending on the surface you are painting over and the finish you are after.
We suggest you wax your finish, this will give the chalk paint a lovely soft sheen. Our waxes are very easy to apply either by brush or soft lint free rag.
If you are going for the shabby chic look sand off lightly on the edges and areas where the piece would normally be knocked and scratched ie: (around knobs)
Our chalk paint is very forgiving, so if you want to, you can paint straight back over the surface, wax and all and start again, need be.
For high use areas such as table tops and children furniture I suggest our Chalk Paint Varnish, this can be used in and outdoors so it is also a very useful product to use on your outdoor projects.
Feel free to get in touch with me anytime, I love to be of help.
Happy painting.

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