New in Store Designer Stencils for home decor.

New in Store Designer Stencils for home decor.

As a continuation of our 'quest" to provide a one stop DIY shop for our lovely customers we have created a boutique Designer Stencil line, "Stencils by Newton's". They are Made in NZ on top-quality, fully washable and reusable plastic.

These are another very easy way to add the wow factor to your home decor. They can be painted on to your Chalk painted furniture, walls, floors and craft projects. They look fabulous painted with our Metallics, but of course you can use any paint with them. We also supply recommended stencil brushes, these have, densely packed, short hog bristles to give control and reduce any seepage of colour under the stencils.

Handy tips are provided with the Stencils.

New exciting designs will be loaded on to the Store as they become available. 

Happy creating!


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