New in store, Soft Wax Chalk Paint Polish

New in store, Soft Wax Chalk Paint Polish


Soft chalk paint wax

Just landed from Canada is the latest addition to our Chalk paint wax range. Made from an old English family recipe from a beeswax producer who's been in business for 30+ years!

The differences to our lovely NZ beeswaxes are it is crafted with a tiny amount of deodorised minerals so it can't be classified as natural. However this makes it a bit more durable and it won't break down as quickly as our natural waxes.

It has the most gorgeous Lavender scent, combined with a soft buttery texture, which really makes it a pleasure to work with. It imparts a lovely soft sheen which can be built up by adding extra coats.

Apply with a soft lint free rag or sponge, leave 2-5 mins and buff off. Remember to apply gently to newly Chalk painted pieces, the paint takes up to 30 days to fully harden & cure, rubbing too hard may cause the paint to lift in patches.

It is great to use to seal and protect our Chalk Finish Paint and natural wood surfaces, adding patina and protection.

This clear Beeswax polish is also used in Museums for restoration and maintenance work on priceless pieces.

Available in 50g and 200g.

For further information on our range of waxes click on the link below:


"DIY made Easy".

Happy painting!


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