NEW product- Newton's Patina Wax.

Newton's Patina Wax is the latest addition to our range of decorative waxes for Chalk paint. Use it to create the time worn, aged look over our chalk paint.
In the photo below it was applied mainly to the edges and crevices.
It was brushed on and then rubbed off with a lint free rag, leaving residue in patches to create a patina look.
We suggest you seal the chalk paint finish first with one of our clear beeswaxes and then apply the coloured wax of your choice. This will ensure you can control the amount of colour applied. It looks especially effective when used on ornate objects with lot's of embellishing as the wax will sink into the furrows instantly creating that sort after antique, time worn look. 
Here's a comparison chart of our current range of Decorative waxes
These waxes are guaranteed to take your creations to the next level!
Please get in touch if I can be of any further help with using any of our products.
Happy painting.

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