What makes MALIBU Mineral Paint so special.?

What makes MALIBU Mineral Paint so special.?

We are super excited to introduce this new boutique Furniture & home decor paint into our decorative paint range -MALIBU Mineral Paint.

We have designed this revolutionary self sealing paint to be a durable and lasting furniture and cabinetry paint.

It is has been designed & expertly manufactured using premium ingredients in NZ for NZ conditions.

It is self sealing so no waxes or varnishes are needed to complete your project!

TIP: The key to a great result as to opposed to a good result is in the preparation of the surfaces prior to painting.

We suggest a light scuff sand prior to application of paint, particularly when applying the paint to shiny surfaces such as laminates and dark varnished and old wood.

Malibu Primer

MALIBU Primer/Stain Block can be applied prior to painting to give the Mineral paint extra grip and to prevent any tannin or stain bleed through, particularly on older wooden furniture. It is also useful to help with coverage when painting over a dark coloured base, with MALIBU Mineral paint light colours.

Malibu Primer & Stain Block
Once the preparation is completed you can paint straight on over the prepared surface.
When you have painted your desired amount of coats on you can sit back and admire the transformation created by this fabulous paint, no extra sealing needed as it is self seals with a gorgeous, fully washable & durable silky sheen.
Fall in love with your furniture again!
MALIBU Mineral Paint is suitable for painting projects both inside and out.
Indoors - Kitchen & Bathroom cabinets, Furniture etc
Outdoors- It's perfect for giving your old wooden outdoor furniture a new look and lease of life!

Put some colour in your life and explore the fun and joy to be had DIY'ing and up cycling your home decor with our 17 on trend colour palette. It's so good for the soul as well as the purse !

We endeavour to always be fully available for any advice and help to get you started with this amazing addition to our paint range.

You can contact us via the contact button on Newton's Paints website page or by email sales@ilovemalibu.co.nz

Happy painting to you!

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