Which brushes are best for chalk paint?

Let's clarify a bit about brushes. We have discovered through years of painting that all brushes are not created equal and different brush compositions can greatly affect the outcome of your project.

Synthetic or man made brush filaments such as our brushes here are great and affordable to use for detailed and smooth finishes with our chalk paint, acrylic paints and stains. The 2 on the right have angled edges which makes them useful for cutting in on and getting straight lines. They are relatively easy to look after being synthetic they seem to withstand more wear and tear than natural bristle brushes.



Bristle brushes are made from boar hairs which are very strong and springy. The
bristles have natural split ends which increases the amount of paint they can hold. You can achieve lovely textured, rustic finishes with the bristle brushes as opposed to the more detailed smooth finish of our synthetic brushes. Because they hold more paint they noticeably speed up the painting process.


We find our 1" Small pure bristle brush(left image), the best and quickest way to apply our waxes, brush it on and buff it off. In our opinion, this method is so much easier than applying wax with a cloth or sponge.



Happy painting

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