Who is Newton's Paints?

Who is Newton's Paints?

One question I often get asked when people come to my residential studio (also know as a garage) lol, in Castor Bay is "How did you get into this business?"

Well it happened totally organically, without any thoughts of my potentially owning a  boutique Paint and Craft Online supplies store. There were no business plans, cash forecasts or capital, apart from a loan from my husband to allow me to get my first few tins of Chalk Finish paint produced and listed on TradeMe.

It started from my passion for going to garage sales and auctions in the 90's and buying old pieces to restore for my home, mainly. Money was tight with a young family and I enjoyed the old fashioned processes of restoring furniture, creating and saving money.

Fast forward 20 odd years, I had one piece that had been in storage that had been half stripped and in a terrible state.

I researched a way to see if I could restore the piece easier and came across using Chalk Style paints.These paints needing no sanding, no stripping were a very attractive alternative for my furniture up cycling. The planets aligned for me as a friend of my husbands gave me an introduction to a family run Eco Coatings manufacturer. I approached them nervously, fearing they would not take me seriously. But they agreed to formulate us a fabulous NZ crafted Chalk paint which is the tried and true formula we still use to this day. The owners of our manufacturing company are my mentors and have encouraged and helped me achieve the level of success that we have today!

I started out selling 10 colours on Trade Me in 2014 which went well, especially considering that in those days paint was not something that was largely offered online. With advice and urging from my other mentor, my Son, we decided to launch this Online paint store in 2015. 

The business started in my garage in one corner on an old bookshelf (Chalk painted of course) and now has taken over both of our garages and much of our home! This is where I basically do everything for the business except for make the paint. Keeping the business home based is a no brainer and enables us to keep our prices low, in fact we have managed to keep the same prices since 2014!

It's just so great for me to be able to operate the business from home, it means I have time for my family, elderly pets, exercise and to have a life outside of my business. I joke that I can work in my pyjamas need be! My son has been an integral part of Newton's success as he runs the online despatch during my absences, as I also work for my husband in events, for his business in the Motor Home Industry. 

Phew, if you made it to the end of this I hope this has clarified a bit more of what Newton's is about.

My ultimate mission is to spread the word on DIY and Creating with our products and the associated excellent fun and satisfaction to be had doing it yourself!

I am truly so blessed to get such pleasure out of my job thats not a job!

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