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Newton's Chalk Finish Paint

Ciaobella Stencil-Arabesque

Ciaobella Stencil-Arabesque

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Use on furniture up cycles, walls, floors and craft projects.
Can be finishes with many of our products including Chalk Paint, Wall paint, Metallic paints, Metallique waxes.

The Ciao Bella Stencil Art line is designed to add layering textures and designs to your projects. It collects different styles, mostly inspired by their scrapbooking paper and rice paper collections, and other fashion, classical, optical, and more, redesigned in Ciao Bella's style for endless creative possibilities.
Paint colour and ink compatible, easy to clean; Highly resistant; Resusable and long lasting; Designed in Italy

Also try our fibre pastes these give you a lovely raised, three dimensional effect when spread over the stencil. See Stencil Fibre paste here

Quality Stencil application brushes HERE 

8"x8" 20.32 x 20.32cm

0.3mm thickness

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