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Efex Large and Beautiful Trim T31

Efex Large and Beautiful Trim T31

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 This trim moulding is the largest in the trim range. 
Create a bit of French or Italian style in your home decor easily. 
These stunning trim mouldings can be used on Furniture, Mirrors and PIcture Frames and most Home decor.

APPLICATION; They are easy to apply-simply brush a Contact glue such as Gorilla Contact glue on to your surface and the surface you are applying to. 
Allow the glue to get “tacky” for about 5 minutes, which simply means sticky. Then press on to the surface. 

SEE the photo attached showing this fabulous Trim used to create a truly authentic looking effect as faux Scotia around the top of walls. 
(Credit to the artist who created the look in the photos-Kaye Seaton of Painted Love. 
It can be Chalk painted or use the paint of your choice! Give a faux antiqued look by applying and finishing with our Clear and Antiquing waxes or Gold gilding wax.
Flexible rubber mouldings based on historic designs 

NZ product.

1150mm x70mm

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