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SALE: Sharon Ziv Decor Transfer-Bloom- For Paper surfaces.

SALE: Sharon Ziv Decor Transfer-Bloom- For Paper surfaces.

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Add a touch of flair to all your décor, mixed media and crafting projects with these next level gorgeous florals by Sharon Ziv. These transfers are great for adding small elements to your projects.

PLEASE NOTE:This range was designed primarily to adhere to Paper surfaces BUT can be also applied to furniture etc as shown in this video Watch Here 

To apply over furniture surfaces the creators suggest you apply Soft Matt Gel-Glue (lclick on the product to see) to give extra grip to the designs when using on wooden or painted surface. To finish and protect the transfer you can seal the design with the  same product Soft Matt Gel-Glue too! It works like Mod Podge.

When applying to paper just peel off the paper backing and rub on to your surface!   Can be used on Paper surfaces, Envelopes, Wrapping paper, Cards,Mixed Media, Walls and Furniture(with glue)

  •  Easy to cut up and use all of the image or just parts of it. Be sure to save your scraps for other projects though!
  •  Adheres best (without glue) to a matte surface that is free of oils and dirt.
  •  To protect the transfer, apply a sealer such as wax or our Varnish (link below) after the image has been applied.
  • Some transfers come with multiple images, can be separated to use for multiple projects


To seal and protect the transfer after application we suggest Newton's Clear Varnish Sealer here



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