It's about up cycling, saving money....and FUN!!

How to up cycle with a chair with chalk paint finish.
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How to use our Chalk paint finish tips.

How to use Chalk paint tips.
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Which wax to use over our Chalk Paint finish?

Hi Diy'ers

Two questions we get asked frequently.... 

Do I need to wax? What wax do I use?

If the project is going to be in high use like a table top, we suggest waxing. This will protect the chalk paint and also provide a lovely depth and subtle sheen to the chalk paint. However if it is the side of, say a book case or dresser and you wish to keep the unique chalk finish look, it is fine to leave it unsealed. 

What wax should I use?

We will list all our lovely waxes and give you a brief rundown on their features

These are our lovely Traditional and Premium NZ MADE, all natural & eco friendly waxes.They both dry clear, are easy to apply and give a lovely slight depth of colour to the chalk paint. As a bonus they can also be used for conditioning wood and leather, sealing terracotta, chopping boards, sand bowls etc.

Our lavender scented Beeswax polish is exclusively made for us and imported from Canada. The difference is to our NZ waxes. are it is emulsified with carnauba wax and a little mineral spirit. This makes it really work well. It dries with a lovely light clear sheen that can be built up and adds to the patina of your finish over time.

Our liquid Carnauba wax, brushes on and dries very quickly with a shiny "Golden Glow" finish, so in effect it gives the chalk paint a vintage aged look. With its hard finish it seals the chalk paint and gives great protection. The golden look is particularly noticeable on our light colours and therefore yellows the colour up.

Our awesome coloured Antiquing waxes add amazing effects to the chalk paint finish. This is where you can really get creative and make your piece look authentic. We suggest you use our clear beeswax prior to applying these waxes for your effects. This is because otherwise they will absorb in to the chalk paint finish and stain your colour and this may not be the effect you are wanting. Experimentation on a piece of chalk painted wood is good idea to ensure you are going to get the effect you are happy with.

Remember you can contact us anytime via the contact button, we love to be able to help and spread the word on our ever growing range of products!

Happy waxing


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New in store, Soft Wax Chalk Paint Polish


Soft chalk paint wax

Just landed from Canada is the latest addition to our Chalk paint wax range. Made from an old English family recipe from a beeswax producer who's been in business for 30+ years!

The differences to our lovely NZ beeswaxes are it is crafted with a tiny amount of deodorised minerals so it can't be classified as natural. However this makes it a bit more durable and it won't break down as quickly as our natural waxes.

It has the most gorgeous Lavender scent, combined with a soft buttery texture, which really makes it a pleasure to work with. It imparts a lovely soft sheen which can be built up by adding extra coats.

Apply with a soft lint free rag or sponge, leave 2-5 mins and buff off. Remember to apply gently to newly Chalk painted pieces, the paint takes up to 30 days to fully harden & cure, rubbing too hard may cause the paint to lift in patches.

It is great to use to seal and protect our Chalk Finish Paint and natural wood surfaces, adding patina and protection.

This clear Beeswax polish is also used in Museums for restoration and maintenance work on priceless pieces.

Available in 50g and 200g.

For further information on our range of waxes click on the link below:


"DIY made Easy".

Happy painting!


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NEW in Store: Newton's Whitewash Stain.


Continuing in our quest to bring the DIY'ers in NZ easy and fun solutions to up cycle home decor. We have introduced in our Colour for Home range... Newton's Whitewash Stain.

Not to be confused with our Chalk Fnish paint, this is a Stain which penetrates into sanded or natural timber. It can be used on indoor and outdoor surfaces on items like pergolas, outdoor furniture, plywood, weatherboards, floorboards and indoor furniture. In fact it can be used on any timber surface but it has to be unsealed/sanded to allow the stain to penetrate in and protect the wood.

 It does not need to be sealed after application, give the stain 72 hours to cure before subjecting to daily use.

This really is whitewashing made easy. Now we can all create the Coastal, Lime wash, Bach, Beach style looks for our homes.

Made proudly in NZ

DIY made easy!



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Check out our Mooch Style review

Our experience with this paint is 100% positive, next time you have a piece you want to do up – think of Newtons.
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Show off time.

We love seeing what you all are creating with our Chalk finish paint!

The best thing about seeing these is the fun you are having and the creativity that is being unleashed..... this is our goal and driving force in this business! A huge proportion of our customers have never picked up a brush let alone up cycled furniture, we really are just so thrilled with the passion using our paints evoke.


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New in Store-Colour Charts.

To all of you who have been patiently awaiting the arrival of our colour charts, thank you.

The Summer 2017 colour charts are now available at our online store and selected stockists NZ wide.

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New in store: Efex Decorative Appliques!

These mouldings will take your Chalk paint furniture and decor up cycles to the next level!

                                                                                                        They are made from soft bendable rubber, designed from historic carvings taken from pieces in England and France. 







There are many mouldings on the market but they are not flexible. This means that they must either be applied to completely flat surfaces or have the gaps filled after application.They are also prone to breaking and cracking. Efex™ furniture mouldings are completely flexible so they simply adjust to fit any surface they’re applied to. They glue on with contact adhesive (we sell the recommended glue in our store).Then you paint straight over with our Chalk or Metallic Paints & perhaps finish with some of our Antiquing Wax to give age, texture and depth.

Handmade in NZ.                                                                                Happy up cycling
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How do I use your Antiquing wax?

Our Antiquing wax is easy to use with amazing results.

Check out our tutorial here 

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Newton's Dark Wax is here.

 Dark Wax is selling in store now. We have named it Newton's Antiquing wax  We are sorry this item took a bit of time to come to market, but when you use this awesome product, we are sure all will be forgiven!


Museum quality polish based on an old English family recipe.

This dark wax is fabulous! It is used to create patina, depth and enhance detail on your projects. It will protect your piece at the same time.

It has a soft clotted cream consistency making it easy to apply.

Apply sparingly, we suggest with our angled stubby brush (no need to use overpriced brushes), do not over wax, too much wax will leave a finished surface feeling tacky, rub off excess wax.

Tip 1: Experiment on in conspicuous area, to enable you to be sure to get your desired result.

Tip 1:Be gentle with your piece after application of paint and waxes as the paint and wax take up to 30 days to fully cure and harden.

Achieving the vintage, time-worn look is simple if you start with the right paint.

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New in Store Designer Stencils for home decor.

As a continuation of our 'quest" to provide a one stop DIY shop for our lovely customers we have created a boutique Designer Stencil line, "Stencils by Newton's". They are Made in NZ on top-quality, fully washable and reusable plastic.

These are another very easy way to add the wow factor to your home decor. They can be painted on to your Chalk painted furniture, walls, floors and craft projects. They look fabulous painted with our Metallics, but of course you can use any paint with them. We also supply recommended stencil brushes, these have, densely packed, short hog bristles to give control and reduce any seepage of colour under the stencils.

Handy tips are provided with the Stencils.

New exciting designs will be loaded on to the Store as they become available. 

Happy creating!


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Excellent feedback


There are so many benefits to using our chalk paint which those of you that get to meet me get preached about at any opportunity!! I can't help it. I've got the bug ...the "chalk paint bug".

UP CYCLING: How many of you have old useless furniture in your garages and homes, perhaps they have been inherited, damaged..... or maybe you have a Trade me addiction....I can talk!  

CREATING: A lot of us find it very therapeutic picking up a brush and wiling the hours away in our own worlds, making things better in their lives, it really is good for the soul.

HAVING FUN: Our retailers and myself just loving seeing our customers bouncing in to their stores just too excited to be buying paint!

It really is a fab hobby, you are helping the environment, up cycling, saving money, unleashing creativity that you didn't know you had and best of all having exciting fun all round!! 

 Heres a lovely testimonial we received from a happy customer........................

" i purchased this paint a few weeks ago and to be honest i was very skeptical no sanding ect and i thought to myself this is way to good to be true but purchased some anyway (aged white) and WOW this product is amazing and it does not smell like paint (no chemical smell) easy to apply and a lot goes a long way ( we painted a wooden change table and a small bookshelf with 2 coats) i have been recommending your paint/ website to everyone i know. Thank you for making a hard job easy. Thank you Krystal"

Happy painting

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Up cycles catapulted to the next level with Newton's metallics


We have added delicious Metallic paints to our range! 

Copper, Rich Rose Gold, Gold and Silver.



These operate very much like our chalk paint, they adhere to most surfaces such as wood, plaster, wallboard, plastic, glass, fabric, metal etc. For extra durability we do recommend prior application of our Newton's Gripper & Sealer, particularly on smooth surfaces such as plastic and glass. The surface once dry looks just like precious metal. To further protect and give the metallic even more shine we like to apply the Gripper & Sealer as a top coat.

Some ideas for use:

Use to accent and highlight embellishments.

Transform your furniture perhaps by picking the drawers out or creating a shiny metallic top. 

Paint over your old decor objects such as frames, vases, ornaments.

Use to tidy up metal handles and knobs.

Use for modelling paint effects.

Paint a feature wall.

Transform your front door.

We hope you enjoy!



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Chalk paint up cycles.

Here's a few of the fabulous up cycles that are being created with our paints.

The most heart warming thing is that a lot of these creators are new to Chalk paint and even using a brush!








The possibilities for the use of our paint are truly only limited by your imagination.

Happy up cycling



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