Premium mini wax in store now.


As a complement to our wax range we have launched a mini 100g Premium white wax for sealing and protecting our chalk paints.

This is an all natural 100% NZ made beeswax, It is white in colour but the finish is clear. The pollens have been filtered out to create a beautiful pure looking colour.

* All natural ingredients with no toxic additives.

*  Clear finish.

* Lovely subtle lemon scent.

* Multi uses such as Newton's Chalk paint, leathers including white leather, natural wood, terracotta etc protectant and conditioner.

* Compact size and price, great for smaller projects.  

* Easy to use, buff on sparingly with a soft cloth, allow to absorb into the surface and when dry buff off with clean lint free cloth.

We hope you enjoy using this great new product.



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New brushes in store.

 We have added to our premium accessory range, 2 new brushes  to compliment our popular short handled diagonal brush.

This is a long handled 2.5" (63mm) diagonal brush.

We find the longer handles ideal for reaching into tight corners and higher areas. 

Premium Oval 3" brush.

This is our premium Oval 3" (75mm) flat brush.

Because it is oval in shape it gives greater control and accuracy on the outside thinner edges while being able to hold more paint in the centre, which is thicker.

All our brushes have been tested and tried with our chalk paint and we have found these to be the best. They are also suitable for any standard acrylic paints.

Happy Painting

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Newton's Gift Vouchers for Xmas presents.

Hi there,

The countdown is on, only 7 weeks until Xmas.....aaargh.

We have gift vouchers available for purchase in our store. We are thinking there would be a lot of creators out there who would love to get some chalk paint as a gift and better still choose it themselves.

It's really easy to purchase a voucher.

Just go in to the online store, click on the voucher icon and choose the denomination amount, then go to checkout and pay.

You will be sent by email, a voucher with a unique code on it. 

You can then either on forward the gift voucher email directly to the recipient or print it off and pop it in a card to give to the recipient in person!

It's "stress free shopping"! You can do it from home, no battling with crowds or decisions and you can be confident your present will be appreciated and unique. 

Happy painting



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Newton's Traditional NZ beeswax in store now.

We are now supplying this versatile new wax as an alternative  finishing wax to our popular Newton's Liquid Carnauba Wax.

This is 100% natural, NZ made, manuka/clover based beeswax blended with jojoba and vegetable oils.

It can be used to protect and seal chalk paint finishes which will also highlight and give depth to the finish. To use, rub the wax on sparingly with the sponge provided, let dry and buff off with a soft rag or sponge. For extra protection you can reapply.

Here is an example that demonstrates the finish and beautiful depth this wax give to the colour. The colour is Rich Duck Egg, the middle section is the unwaxed section.

Waxed Drawer beeswax effect example.

Newton's beeswax also breathes new life into leather, vinyl and timber products by replacing the natural oils which are lost through wear and tear, ageing and environmental factors.

Some other uses :

Garden: Sealing and waterproofing terracotta pots and tiles, timber or rubber tool handles, timber outdoor settings, trellis, barbecues timber trims, metal blades prior to storage to prevent rusting.

Vehicles: Leather and vinyl dashboards, leather or vinyl seating, moulded rubber or plastic trims such as bumpers, door handles and the backs of wing mirrors, mudflaps, rubber window and door seals, tyres and tyre covers

Saddlery: Saddles, bridles, reins, breast plates, stirrup leathers, yolks and collars and may be used as hoof oil.

There are many more uses for this fabulous wax which makes it a very handy all round product to have on hand! Perhaps the greatest features of all to us is, that it is eco friendly, all natural and proudly made in our beautiful country of New Zealand.

Happy painting


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Gorgeous new colour in store now.

We are very excited to announce we have launched a new colour, it's called St Ives Teal. It is a vibrant and rich blue/green hue.


The inspiration for this beautiful colour was gleaned from a trip to the beautiful, seaside village of St Ives, Cornwall, England, where we spied these gorgeous fishing sloops.

We hope you are going to love this colour as much as we do!

Happy painting!

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How to paint with Chalk paint video

Would you like to know how to do an easy makeover with Newton's Chalk Finish Paints?
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How to create the Vintage, chippy effect with Chalk finish paint.

Read on and see how easy it really is!

1. Select 3 colours.

2. Coat your surface with each colour. (remember no sanding, priming etc needed)

3. After each coat and while the paint is still slightly wet scrape,sand or chip back parts of the paint.

4. Seal with Newton's wax to give a slightly creamy aged finish.

Happy painting!


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Show off Wednesday.

Hi there,

Thank you, to all you lovely creators who have been sending us pictures of your before and afters.Nothing makes us happier than seeing your amazing creations and reading how much you all are enjoying the ease and fun of reviving your home decor with chalk paint.

This gorgeous buffet was transformed in Sage Green.



Hayley painted this feature wall in Powder Blue, her whole family are enjoying unleashing their artistic flair, drawing on the wall with chalk.

Have a wonderful day.

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Newton's Liquid Wax rebranding.

  Some of our regular, eagle eyed customers may have noticed a packaging change for our wax range. Feedback was that you like to be able to see how much product is available at any time to save from being caught short!

The 100ml bottle is now 125ml, the 250ml stays the same.The product is just as fabulous as ever. Its key benefits are:

Very safe and easy to use with no added solvents.

Carnauba is one of the hardest waxes available.

It has a delicious and natural honey wax type aroma.

It is quick drying and it enhances and protects chalk paint and all wood finishes.

We will send out a handy tip sheet with all future sales, to ensure you get the best out of this great product.

NB We apologise for our dark wax being temporarily out of stock.

Happy Creating


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Test Pots now for sale in store!

These are up and ready to order at our online shop now.

Click HERE to see our gorgeous palette of colours available.

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Show off corner.



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Hutch dresser given new purpose.

This tired old pine hutch was a trade me purchase, rescued from a life of languishing in an old shed. 

It was lovingly restored back to life with Beige* (for the main part), Aged White on the drawers and top face.Then the whole piece was waxed with Newtons Liquid Wax in light with a little bit of dark wax to enhance the embellishments.

*NB:Since this post was posted,we have very slightly changed the blend for Beige, making it more a soft taupe colour so Beige is now renamed Taupe!

Pop over to Chinagrove Creating for details on this lovely and easy DIY makeover.

Happy painting



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How to up cycle a vintage suitcase.

We are thrilled with this re purpose of an unloved vintage suitcase.

This was painted with Newtons Chalk Finish Paints in Vintage Pink and Aged White for the accents. The finishing was done with Newtons Liquid clear wax.

Pop on over to ChinaGrove to see how easy it was to create this awesome transformation.

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Loving our Liquid Carnauba Wax!

Here's a lovely testimonial as to the awesomeness of this product. Buy our Carnauba Wax  HERE

Hi Alison,
Thanks for your fast postage of the wax. Managed to finish off my projects today yay and must say the Carnauba wax is brilliant! lovely finish and so easy to use and best of all a safe product! I searched high and low for a wax that I can use being pregnant (so many have some scary ingredients!) and it was great to find yours. The projects I have been doing are for my toddlers room so nice to know it' safe for her too.

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Newtons Liquid Carnauba Wax now online.


We are pleased to let you know we have added a unique Newton's Liquid Carnauba Wax to our online store range. This product differs from most waxes in that it is in liquid form. We find it very easy to use, while it still maintains the valued Carnauba properties of hardness and lustre.

We offer it in light and dark colouring. The light colour will add a richness and sheen, while the dark adds a vintage, aged depth of colour. The dark is our favourite for enhancing detailed, intricate embellishments on furniture. For any of you using this for the first time we suggest you coat the piece with light wax first and then apply the dark in small patches, buffing off as you go to ensure you control  the level of darkness you prefer.




This photo shows the effect you can create with just one coat of light wax (on the top drawer) directly over our chalk paint. We think it adds depth and patina and adds to the overall vintage appearance.

Try this product and you won't be disappointed! Among it's other attributes it is eco friendly, solvent free, packed in recyclable plastic and proudly made in NZ.

You can buy the Newton's Liquid Carnauba Wax here.

Happy Painting,



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