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Amazing Casting Resin Set.

Amazing Casting Resin Set.

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Amazing Casting Resin - a mixture of two substances that when mixed form a clear liquid which sets turning to a white resin in 10 minutes and conforms to the shape of our moulds. Amazing casting resin is easy to use and transitions from a clear liquid to a white solid plastic in minutes. It's ideal for use in silicone moulds and in its cured form can be sanded, drilled, turned, painted and tapped. Not suitable for food applications.

AmazingCasting Resin: This is a pourable resin. If you need to conform them to a curved surface, this can be done if removed from the mould before it’s completely hardened. Or you can warm/soften up with a hairdryer, taking care not to use too high a heat.

400ml plus 2 sticks 3 cups


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