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Decor mould - PUMPKIN & SPICE

Decor mould - PUMPKIN & SPICE

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Silcon moulds for you to create your own embellishments for your décor and craft projects.  They work well with many types of media including our new product Casting Resin see here Air dry clay-click here to view, plaster, polymer clay, earthen clay, hot glue, including food (food safe).  Practically any moulding medium.

Several fabulous designs in the one mould.

 Create beautiful designs for your furniture, walls and craft projects.

Easy to use Instructions: For Clay use.

  • Dust mould tray with cornflower, baby powder or arrowroot first, this helps to release the clay. (This step is not necessary with our Casting Resin)
  • Press the clay into mould and level the top off with a sharp instrument.
  • Bend and flex tray to release mould either while still wet or when dry.
  • Glue to surface 
  • Paint with Chalk paint or the medium of your choice. We have lovely range of Creative Effect products.
  • Try using our coloured waxes over the paint to create interesting effects.

Bendable and easy clean.

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