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Redesign Decor transfer-Morning Farmhouse-Small 3 Sheets

Redesign Decor transfer-Morning Farmhouse-Small 3 Sheets

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This transfer is gorgeous! It's the perfect way to create a "wholesome country living" type vibe into your home decor. 
-Get an old (or new) terracotta pot or wooden container & paint straight over it with our Chalk Finish Paint in the colour of your choice.
-Then simply cut out and apply one of these stunning designs.
-Seal the whole piece with Newtons clear Varnish Sealer.
 Voila! You will have the best gift you could give to someone. Made with love and soul!
Morning farmhouse transfer
Re Design NEW small Décor Transfers are intricately designed with a protective backing. Once peeled, the designs simply rub on with the included transfer stick. Use these detailed transfers to add delicately detailed vintage touches to your favourite furnishings, on your furniture, walls and more.

Package includes 3 seperate sheets for versatile use.

Apply to a clean dry surface. For painted surfaces, allow at least 48 hours for your paint to fully cure before applying the transfer (longer if the conditions are cold and drying times are extended).

6"x12" 15cm x 30cm

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To seal and protect the transfer after application we suggest Newtons Clear Varnish Sealer here



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