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Malibu Primer & Stain Block.

Malibu Primer & Stain Block.

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Malibu Primer & Stain Block. A quick dry, low VOC, water based Stain blocker & Primer all in one. Effective in stopping stains and bleed through, while helping with coverage & overall finish.

We suggest you use this product as an undercoat when painting MALIBU Mineral Paint light colours (like Hampton,Soft Serve, Aloe, Soft Breeze, Misty) over darker substrates, such as old wood surfaces.

This is also suitable to be used with our Newton's Chalk Finish Paint & any water based paints. 

Can be used over a multitude of surfaces including painted & varnished wood, shiny surfaces, cabinets, doors, formica, brick, wallboard and more. 

Good Prep=Great results!

Preparation: Ensure surfaces are free of loose paint, dust, grease and wax. Clean with mild detergent, rinse and dry .

Application: Stir thoroughly before and during use. Apply in full even coats. Do not thin. Dry time 30 mins. Re coat 1-2 hours. Up to 3 coats may be applied if needed. 

Clean up: Wash up in soapy water.

Coverage up to 7 SQM per 500ml. 

Eco crafted from renewable plant oils, no added solvents, ammonia free, low VOC & low odour.

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