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NEW: Chalk Painter's Basics Italian Brush set

NEW: Chalk Painter's Basics Italian Brush set

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A curated collection of our 2 most popular Italian decorative paint brushes. 

These versatile top quality brushes are all you will need for your DIY painting projects. They can be used for Chalk Paint, Mineral Paint and water based paints.

The Pennelli brush range is unique because of their long life spans, robustness and exemplary design style.

Included in this kit:

Professional Chalk Painters brush: 

The Oval head is made with a blend of pure & synthetic bristles and holds more paint than a standard flat brush, minimising the amount of time you have to recharge the brush.

Designed in Milan Italy specifically for Chalk style Paints. The bristles are crafted to exacting standards- being not to coarse to minimise brush marks and not too soft to allow control using Chalk paint, which is thicker than standard paint coatings.

Size 12 Length 23cm.

Head: Length 7cm Width 5cm

Pennelli Wax Brush:

Using a wax brush to apply our waxes is the easiest and quickest application method.

1)Short Grip: Lets you apply pressure precisely. Ergonomic. Pointed bristle head. Great for working the wax into tight spots.

16cm x 4cm Bristle length 6cm

Chalk paint wax brush

The Pennelli Wax brushes feature lovely robust bristles and are true market leaders in quality. The pure bristles give an even finish with quality pure bristles to help with working the wax into tight spots, nooks & crannies.

Natural wood handle



Quality brushes make all the difference in your paint finishes and if looked after properly all of these beautiful brushes will last indefinitely.

Made in Italy.


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