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Newton's Chalk Finish Paint

Prima Stencil-Ornate Cast Iron Vine

Prima Stencil-Ornate Cast Iron Vine

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Use on furniture up cycles, walls, floors and craft projects.
Can be finishes with many of our products including Chalk Paint, Wall paint, Metallic paints, Metallique waxes.

Prima Designer Stencil 15cm x 15cm -Cast Iron Vine Prima Marketing-Prima Designer Stencil. Embellish your scrapbook pages, mixed media projects and other projects with this lovely stencil to provide texture and visual appeal. This package contains one 15cm x 15cm stencil. 

Also try our beautifully pigmented pastes these give you a lovely raised, three dimensional effect when spread over the stencil. See 3d texture paste here

Quality Stencil application brushes HERE 

6" x 6" 15cm x 15cm

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