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Sanding Sponge - Dual Angle fine/fine grit-Large

Sanding Sponge - Dual Angle fine/fine grit-Large

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Sanding sponges are sponge-like sanding tools used for sanding and or distressing  wood, shiny surfaces, drywall, and plastic. Sanding sponges are like sandpaper, but the abrasive material is attached directly to the foam of the sponge instead of a piece of paper

This large Corner or dual angle-shaped sanding sponge has a beveled edge that allows you to sand in tight places. Sanding sponges are particularly good for getting into the crevices associated with fine trim, grooves and crown molding.

You can apply extra pressure to make the sponge conform to the irregular surfaces.

Sanding sponges are flexible pads with an integrated grit. They're effective on both flat and contoured surfaces, and you can use them for wet-sanding or dry-sanding. They're more durable than sandpaper and are reusable.

Why use sanding sponges?

  1. Sanding sponges are comfortable to use
  2. Sanding sponges are fast
  3. Sanding sponges wont develop spots or tear like sandpaper does.
  4. Sanding sponges can reach into tight corners 
  5. Sanding sponges can be rinsed and reused dozens of times-so it lasts longer
  6. Sanding sponges conform to irregular surfaces to give smooth even sanding in tight areas.
  7. Sanding sponges can be used wet which will cut down the amount of dust created when sanding.
  8. Easy to use for distressing and creating shabby chic furniture effects for  painting projects.


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