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Newton's Paints Ltd.

Wood Stain-Mission Brown

Wood Stain-Mission Brown

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A classic go to rich brown.

* Low odour

* Water based

Approx. 4-12m2/L depending on porosity of surface

COLOURS: Range of 4 trend colours designed to take your up cycles to the next level!
Wood Stain is a penetrating semi-transparent finish for Interior and Exterior woodwork, including cabinets, furniture, doors, moulding, trims, pergolas, decking & fencing.  It does not need to be waxed or sealed, however if you like a high gloss look we suggest you seal it with our Epoxy Varnish ( Varnish is best suited for interior use as over time it will deteriorate under direct UV radiation )

Wood Stain Colours

We find this product awesome for using in up cycling projects
IE: On pallet timber and any natural wood for getting an aged country look. First apply the Wood stain colour of your choice as a base, let dry and then dry brush lightly our chalk paint finish over the top. Sand back on the edges of the wood and wherever you like to give the finish a worn look! Experimenting is the key, try out your desired effects on an old piece of wood first, the possibilities are endless to get fabulous results. You can use several colours of stain and chalk paint for interesting results.
You can also add a varnish over the top if you like a high gloss sleek look.
* Penetrating properties

* High UV protection

* Excellent water repellent properties

* Contains anti-mould additive

NB;ANY PREVIOUS VARNISHES/FINISHES NEED TO BE SANDED OFF to allow the Wood Stain to absorb into the timber and maximise its effect.
For subtle shading that allows wood's natural grain to show through, apply Newton’s Wood Stain with a cloth, brush, roller or foam applicator.

Coverage 4-12m2 per litre depending on type of timber and porosity.
Dry time 2-3 hours. Thinning not required, clean up with water when wet,
Low sheen



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